The FOCP Syndrome: curable or not?

4 min readApr 13, 2018

The fear of clicking “Publish” Syndrome (FOCP)

To give you a little context.
You get on the mighty Internet, start a new Medium account, realise what a good bargain it is to pay 5$/month and have access to great content from all the publications you stalk online, pay the 5$ → become a member and start thinking you are going to be writing on autopilot.
Naturally, after you become a cool member, you do write occasionally, but rarely to never publish anything.
Sounds familiar?

When I started this account at the beginning of the year, I thought I would write every single day.
It felt good to see that Member circles around my “la vita e Bella” profile picture.

This will surely inspire me to write and write and write, but also publish, publish, publish and people will read, read, read. (My obsessive unaware self, Jan 2018)

I did write. Almost every single day, but I never published any of these articles, and only 3 of them have seen the light in the past 3 months.
This got me thinking lately: Why am I so afraid to set my thoughts free?
I am surely not afraid to speak my mind up around people.
Are my thoughts that intimate?




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